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About our Game

EndTime Rush is a brute dexterity runner, convincing with reckless gameplay and a lunatic’s euphoric temper.

This is our second semester project

Ragequit will develop EndTime Rush until 01 september 2017, which will then be available on Google Play Store due to its entertaining game experience and high technical quality (no bugs, 30+ fps). We aim for 5000+ downloads in the first month after release.


Mobile endless runner with a simplistic and cheerful look. Assets have a low level of detail and hard, visible edges. The game is set in a post apocalyptic world in the near future. The player is located on a road in the industrial desert, rumbling through hordes of zombies with a badass car. Additionally, he has to evade obstacles. A collision with an obstacle is the lose condition, even though the actual game goal is to kill as many zombies as possible.


The game is set in a post apocalyptic world, which was overrun after a zombie breakout. The known human civilisation collapsed. Survivors formed scattered groups of resistant forces, though most of them are brute madman, more animal than human. The globally spread, lifeless desert hasn’t much to offer besides industrial architectures of the past and zombies. The player takes control of a frenzy lunatic, seeking for joy in the newly emerged sport of killing zombies with self-tuned cars.

Game Information

Genre Endless Runner
Working Title EndTime Rush
Development Time 18 Weeks
Camera Third-Person
Playtime per Session 2 - 3 min
Target Audience Zombie Fans, 16+ years old
Player Type Achiever > Killer

Project Gallery

Car Conceptart Zombie Conceptart

Meet the Team


Maurice Seidel

Producer / Game Designer


Frederik Lindemann

Game Designer


Elizaveta Sakara

3D Art


Lucas Creteau

Concept Art


Philipp Domke



Patryk Mielczarek


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